Foscarin Group among the top 100 companies in the Castellana area

On Wednesday 19 June 2024, along with other companies, we received the award for Best Performer Enterprise in the Castellana area.

It is an honour for us to be among these excellences, an achievement that reflects our ongoing commitment to innovation, quality and customer satisfaction.

The 100 Best Companies in the Castellana area

The award celebrates the 100 best companies in the Castellana area, selected on the basis of strict balance sheet parameters.

This award aims to enhance Italian manufacturing areas, using the sense of territorial belonging to highlight successful entrepreneurial stories that deserve to be shared and celebrated.

The search criteria

The research conducted by the Centro Studi Italypost identified the 100 best companies on the basis of balance sheet parameters for the last three financial years:

  • Turnover of EUR 4.9 million or more
  • MORE rating from “Balanced” to “Excellent”
  • Average EBITDA in the period 2022-2020 equal to or above 3.61%.
  • Positive net result 2022
  • Average NFP/EBITDA ratio less than or equal to 7.15% in the period 2019-2021

The selection was therefore based exclusively on meritocratic and objective criteria.


We thank everyone who has contributed to this success and will continue to strive for excellence in everything we do.

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