Boretto centre, Reggio Emilia

Where all the products take shape

The shaping centre at Boretto (Reggio Emilia) is specialised in the manufacture of shaped rigid tubes, corrugated stainless-steel tubing and special fittings, and everything is based on the particular requirements of each single customer.
Our technical department boasts many years of experience and provides customers with an advisory service and support during the planning phase, helping to examine and work on the engineering process of the machine and circuit prototyping with the aid of special cutting-edge tools and software programmes.
With a manufacturing area that occupies almost 3,000 square metres, we see through the production processes from cutting to assembly, including dimensional control.


  1. Material is collected directly from the automatic warehouse
  2. Custom cutting
  3. Shaping with modern numerical-control bending machinery
  4. First dimensional control
  5. Fittings assembly
  6. 4.0 soldering with certified personnel (if required)
  7. Second dimensional control
  8. Surface treatment, like zinc plating, coating, etc. (upon request)

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