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Our logistics service is tailor-made to accommodate the various needs of our customers.
We provide this support in order to optimise and streamline our clients’ internal processes, from storage to product supply.

Kitting: personalised kit for efficient assembly

The kitting service provides comprehensive personalised kits which gather all the items required for the mounting process of a given machine.
The chief purpose of this service is to optimise assembly operations on the customers’ production lines, providing fast and simple storage solutions in their warehouse.
This is a highly customised service that is primarily aimed at manufacturing customers, but it can be adapted to fit anyone’s requirements.

Kanban: optimal management of material supplies

The Kanban service is aimed at manufacturing customers and it allows us to internally manage the customers’ material supplies based their actual consumption and replenishment requirements.
All this means that we can manage customer supplies directly in their own warehouses according to their actual consumption levels and replenishment requirements.
This direct service not only does away with the need to constantly monitor stock levels and manually make supply orders, it reduces margins of error in the procurement process and also ensures that materials are constantly available and directly obtainable from the internal warehouse.

Express: fast and reliable delivery for local customers

The Express service is the quickest and safest delivery solution for Italian customers who are located near Castelfranco Veneto or Boretto.
It is particularly suitable for customers whose warehouses we manage with the Kanban service because it assures direct prompt delivery options.

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