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For earth movement, conditions can be extreme and require high-pressure braided or spiral tubes which guarantee outstanding performance and resistance to abrasion.

Generally speaking standard 1SN or 2SN braided tubes measuring between 1/4 and 1” are used because they well withstand adverse weather conditions and mid-high working pressure.

This kind of equipment calls for lightweight compact high-pressure tubing that well withstands abrasion; size tends to vary between 1/4 and 1”.

This requires high-temperature tubing for the passage of air that withstands high-to-medium working pressure and provides exceptional resistance to ozone and weathering. Sizes commonly range between 1/2 and 1”.

In this case, environmental conditions are extremely hostile (sea salt. heat and ozone) which means that exceptional resistance to corrosion is required. This is why stainless-steel fittings and adapters are often used. Working pressure tends to be medium to high, and even extremely high.

In these circumstances, conditions are critical and tubing must be able to withstand abrasion, flames and wear & tear. This is why extremely reliable tubes are employed that can withstand high working pressure.

This kind of hosing must be extremely flexible because it is required to twist and turn in extreme conditions. It also needs to have good resistance to abrasion because it operates under high working pressure.

In this case, braided tubes that withstand high-to-medium working pressure are mainly required. This kind of tubing can be subjected to extreme conditions due to the presence of dust, heat, vibrations, ozone, or washing fluids & detergents so additional protection may be needed.

Here lightweight compact braided tubes with a good resistance to abrasion are used. The most common sizes range from ¼ to ½ and the working pressure is high.

Medium-high working pressure requires large tubing of a size between ¾ and 2″; these extremely-reliable tubes have a safety factor of 9:1.

The applicable regulation is EN 81-20.

Our expertise also extends to many other professional areas, guaranteeing versatility, precision and reliability, and consolidating our position as market leader in every application.

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